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Oct 30, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. really cool feature. simon thanks for showing that to us, pictures from up and down the east coast. we want your pictures. we're putting them up on the website as fast as we're getting them. you can e-mail them to us. guys, back to you. >> we've gotten great ones. thank you. and listen, why don't you help us help others. why liking our wusa 9 facebook page. we are donating a dollar for every new like we get. >>> outside right now. doesn't look too bad. topper is along in a minute to tell you how bad it's going to be or how good it's going to be over the next few days. >> let's give you some perspective on sandy. turns out she is the largest hurricane in terms of diameter on record. 945 miles. igor in 2010 was 920 miles. olga in 2001 was 865 miles. let's kind of put this in perspective. we'll move it onshore. if it were located over the tennessee valley it would affect people in des moines down to houston all across the gulf coast, the key west and up to bangor, maine. that is a huge storm. one reason we saw so much damage north of us. okay, the show. here we go. this is a softer side o
Oct 29, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. >> covers our whole area. >> we'll be back in a moment with more on sandy. i'm here with simon landaeu. it is sent by my cousin much the ground is so soaked, so saturated, that you have to be careful with the trees. go ahead and play the video. they captured the tree falling. thankfully it went the other way an not in their house. you see it catches on fire. it's caught on a power line. just evidence for you to be out there, to stay careful and pay attention to the downed trees and power lines. don't go anywhere near them. we have some great thank you for my cousin. we have great pictures, we want to show you. you could see them on our home page. and let's check out the first one. this is the other tree down. this is up the road from the station. it's on cathedral avenue right off connecticut, where samantha fried -- friedman. the atlanta fa city boardwalk. we've been hearing all day about the flooding. it's gone. the boards are gone. all that's left, it's unbelievable. just be careful. one more for you. this is more flooding in north beach maryland. don't drive your cars through there. be
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2